Giving What We Can needs your help!

We're halfway through Giving What We Can's spring fundraising period , but so far we've only raised 25% of our 2015 target , let alone our stretch goal (which would mean that we could focus on our core activities rather than on fundraising for a whole year). Thank you so ...Read More

Effective Altruism as an intensional movement

Cross posted at diegocaleiro.com This text grew out of discussions with some of EA global planners, many previous discussions with individuals considering if they want to identify as EAs and strategic considerations scattered around many EA articles. It is particularly related to Helen Toner's Effective Altruism is a question, not ...Read More

On everyday altruism and the local circle

An experience this week suggested to me that, far from alienating me from suffering closer to home, the ideas of Effective Altruism have an important interplay with the way I respond to those in need who I encounter in my everyday life. Somebody somewhat-near-me* suffered an incredible tragedy this week, ...Read More

Suggestions thread for planning and executing the 2015 EA Survey

From the EA Survey team It's been great to get so many suggestions for questions for this year's annual EA Survey, in the Facebook thread , the Forum post , and throughout the year. As we said, we'd also like to get the community's suggestions for the survey's planning and ...Read More

Don't Be Discouraged In Reaching Out: An Open Letter

Introduction Ben Kuhn recently wrote on how and why effective altruism may or may not seem welcoming to newcomers, and suggestions as to what could be done to make effective altruism more welcoming. He noticed a lack of diversity (within effective altruism) on lines such as age, career, lifestyle, socioeconomic ...Read More

Impact Purchase: Round 2

Round 2 of the impact purchase is over. At the deadline, we had twelve submissions. This round, we are buying a certificate for 1/70th Ryan Carey and Brayden McLean's founding of and involvement in EA Melbourne during 2013, for $1000. The deadline for applications to round 3 is May 25th. ...Read More

Map of Open Spaces in Effective Altruism

[cross-posted from my blog . Corrections will go there rather than here] Effective altruism is really extraordinarily good at telling people where to give money, and pretty okay at telling people how to create less animal suffering. Guidance on how to do anything else is substantially more opaque, because EA ...Read More

Log-normal lamentations

[Morose. Also very roughly drafted. Cross ] Normally, things are distributed normally. Human talents may turn out to be one of these things. Some people are lucky enough to find themselves on the right side of these distributions – smarter than average, better at school, more conscientious, whatever. To them ...Read More

How important is marginal earning to give?

Some observations: Most of GiveWell’s senior staff are moving over to the Open Philanthropy Project. This year, GiveWell had to set explicit funding targets for all of their charities and update their recommendations in April to make sure nobody ran out of room for more funding. My understanding is that ...Read More

Reference movements for Effective Altruism

A simple beg: please can you comment with some suggestions for which historical movements have relevance to our learning about effective altruism (and why you think so time permitting)? UPDATE (based on early feedback from facebook/here): please pick why it relates with one salient aspect and explicitly state it if ...Read More

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