August Open Thread: EA Global!

Here's a place to discuss projects, ideas, events and miscellanea relevant to the world of effective altruism that don't need a whole post of their own! The most interesting current news for effective altruists is that EA Global in San Francisco has just started! Video from the first day, interspersed ...Read More

Efective Altruism Quotes

What with new books on effective altruism out this year, The Most Good You Can Do , by Peter Singer; How to Be Great at Doing Good , by Nick Cooney; and Doing Good Better , by William MacAskill, there is a plethora of new material to mine for sound-bites ...Read More

What I learnt from talking to over 100 Giving What We Can members

Hi, I work at Giving What We Can as Director of Community. As part of this, I've been trying to get to know as many of our members (people who have taken the Giving What We Can pledge) as possible, mostly through talking with recently signed up members. I wrote ...Read More

2015 MIRI Summer Fundraiser: How We Could Scale

The Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI) is a research nonprofit that works on technical obstacles to designing beneficial smarter-than-human artificial intelligence (AI). I'm MIRI's Executive Director, Nate Soares, and I'm here to announce our 2015 Summer Fundraiser ! — Live Progress Bar — Donate Now This is a critical moment ...Read More

Direct Funding Between EAs - Moral Economics

News: EA Global Googleplex participants - I’ll be giving an ignite talk introducing the long vision for Moral Economics! Aug1st 5:40pm Google Bldg QD1 More news: Giles created a new #Moraltrade channel on Slack, which is being used during the Sunday US UK online EA workathons - in person for ...Read More

Charity Science is hiring

Charity Science does outreach and fundraising for GiveWell’s recommended charities (although we have also worked on animal rights in the past). You can see the sort of activities that we do and the philosophy we follow at our website: http://www.charityscience.com/Organizational-breakdown We are seeking people who truly want to have the ...Read More

EA Facebook New Member Report

Summary: Data about where people joining the EA Facebook group first heard of EA. EA Facebook group moderators Claire Zabel and I, with some help from Julia Wise, have been sending a welcome message to every new member when we add them. By doing so we partly aim to set ...Read More

Results of the Effective Altruism Outreach Survey

This article reports the results of an online survey with 167 respondents on the influence different styles of effective altruism outreach have on them. While we could not find evidence for our hypotheses, the exploratory data analysis yielded a ranking of the levels of motivation and curiosity our prompts induced. ...Read More

TLYCS Pamphlet Pilot Results

TLYCS has wrapped up the grass-roots, university focused pamphleting pilot that we posted about earlier this year. The entire writeup can be viewed here , but the major results (taken from the introduction) are given below. I'm happy to answer any questions in the comments, and if anyone wants to ...Read More

Effective Altruism Policy Analytics Update

If this is your first time reading about Effective Altruism Policy Analytics, you can look at our website here for more information: https://eapolicy.wordpress.com/ Effective Altruism Policy Analytics has now been working for eight weeks, and is more than halfway through its experimental period. Our overall strategy for finding regulations to ...Read More

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