Can you think of any fundraising ideas?

As many of you will know, Charity Science, the EA organisation that I work for, focuses on fundraising for GiveWell-recommended charities. We’d love to hear suggestions for this, so this is an open call for any and all ways to move money! They’re welcome and encouraged no matter how far-fetched ...Read More

What should an effective altruist be committed to?

If I were to self-identify as an effective altruist, I might take myself merely to have committed to (*). (*) To be a good altruist, you should use evidence and reason to do the most good with your altruistic actions. Sometimes, however, effective altruism also seems to involve a second, ...Read More

Summary of Cialdini's Influence

A while ago, Peter Hurford told me he had a few books in mind that he wanted to see summarized and applied to animal activism. From his list, I chose Robert Cialdini's Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion . After 10k+ words and 20+ pages, I finished my summary a few ...Read More

Help a Canadian give with a tax-deduction by swapping donations with them!

TL;DR: If you are in the UK or USA, and are planning to give to the Against Malaria Foundation, you can help a Canadian make their donation to a different effective organisation tax deductible. Please let us know in the comments so we can facilitate more of these swaps. Unfortunately ...Read More

Christmas 2014 Open Thread (Open Thread 7)

Welcome to the sixth open thread on the Effective Altruism Forum. This is our place to discuss relevant topics that have not appeared in recent posts.

Generic good advice: do intense exercise often

Earlier this year I wrote a brain-dump of everything I thought I knew about exercise , and it proved quite popular on Facebook. This has allowed me to get feedback and gradually improve it. As far as I know, doing intense exercise regularly is one of the best things you ...Read More

Please vote for our video on Deworm the World in this online poll.

Hi, all - a quick altruism opportunity for you all: Giving What We Can has made a Project for Awesome video for the Deworm the World initiative. P4A is a youtube charity fundraising event, and with enough votes it could potential secure tens of thousands of dollars for DtW. Please ...Read More

Toronto meetup writeup: 2014-12-11

This is a meetup report - let me know if you want me to stop posting these. It's intended to give a very rough flavour of what was discussed, not as accurate or complete minutes. Attendance: 4 (snowy weather may have reduced attendance somewhat) This was the first Toronto EA ...Read More

Where are you giving and why?

Last year a bunch of people made blog posts outlining where they were planning to donate that year and why. This year, we have a better medium: the EA forum! If anyone else is interested in discussing their giving plans and reasons--either completed or in-progress--post them below. I'd love to ...Read More

How can you compare helping two different people in different ways?

When people ask what aspiring effective altruists work on, I often start by saying that we do research into how you can help others the most. For example, GiveWell has found that distributing some 600 bed nets, at a cost of $3,000, can prevent one infant dying of malaria . ...Read More

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