How Much Can We Generalize from Impact Evaluations? (link)

Tyler Cowen posted a link to this paper (PDF), outlining how effective programs are when transported to new contexts, or scaled up by governments. Two key quotes: The program implementer is the main source of heterogeneity in results, with government-implemented programs faring worse than and being poorly predicted by the ...Read More

How to leave money to charity in your will: a simple guide

Many effective altruists will be interested in leaving some of their money to cost-effective charities when they die. So I’ve written the following guide to explain how to do so. It walks you through writing a will from start to finish; I’ve based it on my own experience when I ...Read More

Outreaching Effective Altruism Locally – Resources and Guides

Do you want to start an EA group in your local area or University, or want to grow the effective altruism group that already exists? Do you want to give a talk about effective altruism at your church or club or get involved in any other sort of local outreach? ...Read More

Upcoming Meetups 3

Meetups coming up this fortnight are: Vancouver 29 Oct 2014 18:00 Film Café Oskar, Slachtstraat 5, Utrecht 02 Nov 2014 15:00 30 W Mifflin St, 6th Floor, Madison, Wisconsin 53703 02 Nov 2014 18:08 Rob Mathers talks to GWWC in Oxford , 06 Nov 109 15th Ave, Seattle WA 98122 ...Read More

Shop for Charity: how to earn proven charities 5% of your Amazon spending in commission

If you shop on Amazon in the countries listed below, you can earn a substantial commission for charity by doing so via the links below. This is a cost-free way to do a lot of good, so I'd encourage you to do so! You can bookmark one of the direct ...Read More

Should Giving What We Can change its Pledge?

Giving What We Can is considering broadening the pledge it asks people to make. We’d like to hear your thoughts about that idea! ...Read More

The Harvard Research Center in Creative Altruism

I just happened upon this long bygone research institute in my own research. Established by Pitirim A. Sorokin - established and headed the first sociology department at the university - at Harvard sometime around the mid-twentieth century. Unfortunately, I don't have time to pursue its archives/work at the moment. Thought ...Read More

Charity Science's first annual review: how effective is fundraising?

Here is Charity Science 's one year review, cross-posted from our website for those of you interested in reading about our progress so far. In this internal review, we describe and evaluate Charity Science’s progress after its first year of operations. We mainly focus on the most recent 6 months, ...Read More

Effective Altruism is a Question (not an ideology)

What is the definition of Effective Altruism? What claims does it make? What do you have to believe or do, to be an Effective Altruist? I don’t think that any of these questions make sense. It’s not surprising that we ask them: if you asked those questions about feminism or ...Read More

Open Thread 3

Welcome to the third open thread on the Effective Altruism Forum. This is our place to discuss relevant topics that have not appeared in recent posts. Thanks to an upgrade by Trike Apps, each time you visit the open thread, new comments will now be highlighted!

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