The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread - 23 November 2015 Edition

Hello , it’s me . Take a break from listening to Adele and read our newsletter ! And be sure to check out GiveWell’s updated top charities , as we’re approaching giving season. On this forum, this thread doubles as an Open Thread so comment away. We’ll be evaluating the ...Read More

2015 EA Survey: please take!

This year's EA Survey is now ready to be shared! This is a survey of all EAs to learn about the movement and how it can improve. The data collected in the survey is used to help EA groups improve and grow EA. Data is also used to populate the ...Read More

Measuring QALYs from advocating a rational response to the Paris attacks and ISIS

I'd like to ask your thoughts on how to measure the impact in QALYs from advocating a rational response to the Paris attacks and ISIS. So let's ground this out in a specific example. Here's my op-ed that uses long-term orientation, probabilistic thinking, numeracy, consider the alternative, reaching our actual ...Read More

EA Workspace: virtual co-working chatroom for EAs

Today, the EA Workspace (EAW) launches: a co-working space for aspiring effective altruists from all around the world. In short, the EAW is a 24/7 web-chat with optional video streaming where people work alongside each other in pomodoros and chat during the breaks. Malcolm and I have been working on ...Read More

[link] GiveWell's 2015 recommendations are out!

You can find the new recommendations at the usual Top Charities page . They also have a blog post going in more depth on the updates. (I confess I'm a bit surprised no one else has linked this yet... Sorry if I'm stepping on someone's toes!)

An embarrassment of riches

Cross-posted from Giving Gladly . People interested in effective altruism come from many different backgrounds. I know people whose families expected them to become lawyers or businesspeople, and others whose families would be appalled if they went into something so "money-grubbing." This post is primarily aimed at those of us ...Read More

Working at EA organizations series: .impact

This is the 5th post in the Working At EA Organizations series. The posts so far: Why work at an EA organization? 80000 Hours Effective Altruism Foundation Machine Intelligence Research Institute The following are my notes from an interview with Tom Ash which he reviewed before publishing. Thanks to Peter ...Read More

More on REG's Room for More Funding

Cross-posted to my blog . I have received some interest from a few people in donating to REG , and the main concern I’ve heard has been about whether REG could effectively use additional funding. I spent some more time learning about this. My broad conclusion is roughly the same ...Read More

We care about WALYs not QALYs

I often see media coverage of effective altruism that says "effective altruists want to maximise the number of QALYs in the world." (e.g. London Review of Books ). This is wrong. QALYs only measure health, and health is not all that matters. Most effective altruists care about increasing the number ...Read More

Three areas of research on the superintelligence control problem

I’ve recently published an introduction to research on superintelligence risk, with the aim of making it easier for students to get into this area. ...Read More

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