Telofy’s Effective Altruism 101

I’ve published a similar introduction to effective altruism a few months ago. If you think that my last one is not ideal for your audience, then you can link them this one. I also published it on my own blog including a video that I can’t embed here. Overview If ...Read More

Should you donate to the Wikimedia Foundation?

I'm a very avid user of Wikipedia : I view about 500-1000 Wikipedia articles a month, and have created over 200 Wikipedia articles that get a total of over 100,000 monthly pageviews . I've also used the underlying MediaWiki software powering Wikipedia to create separate wikis on some subjects (including ...Read More

Postdoctoral research positions at CSER (Cambridge, UK)

[To be cross-posted at LessWrong, FLI news page] I'm delighted to announce that the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk has had considerable recent success in grantwriting and fundraising, among other activities (full update coming shortly). As a result, we are now in a position to advance to CSER's ...Read More

EA Week at Harvard

Hi EAs, Harvard College EA is going to organize an "EA week" from April 12 to 17. Currently, we are planning on doing the following events: Peter Singer talk promoting his new book on EA, hopefully with free EA-style t-shirts to for attendees. Daron Acemoglu talk on institutions and economic ...Read More

Room for Other Things: How to adjust if EA seems overwhelming

Overwhelming obligations The drowning child argument , which has persuaded many people to join the effective altruism movement, highlights one of EA’s central concepts: Opportunity costs. The money spent on expensive clothes/shoes could instead be used to donate to cost-effective charities, where it can save the life of a person ...Read More

Marcus Davis will help with moderation until early May

Hi all, Introducing Marcus Davis , Marcus is an audio engineer from Chicago who read some philosophy and became interesting in effective altruism during college. Since then, he's become connected with a lot of effective altruists, especially through dot impact, where he's a regular contributor. Marcus has generously offered to ...Read More

We might be getting a lot of new EAs. What are we going to do when they arrive?

In a conversation with Kerry Vaughn, he told me there's "a gold rush" around getting new people involved with the effective altruist movement. It's easy to see why this is so. EA has been more frequently in the press in the past year. And there are four different books on ...Read More

Giving What We Can September Internship- Applications Open!

Are you a student or recent graduate who is interested at interning at Giving What We Can? Are you free from the 14th to the 25th of September? If you answered yes to both of these questions you are in luck, Giving What We Can is running our September Internship ...Read More

Criminal Justice Reform: DEA enforcement incentives?

GiveWell is currently investigating criminal justice reform as an area of potentially effective giving. I just wanted to raise one particular issue for discussion and find out whether anyone else has investigated it. The War on Drugs continues despite a tide of public sentiment slowly rising against it. Part of ...Read More

EA Advocates announcement

This post is an announcement of an initiative of the Centre for Effective Altruism called "EA Advocates." EA Advocates is a new grassroots rapid response team that will amplify positive coverage of effective altruism and help spread information and ideas. Members will coordinate to execute responses during particular times when ...Read More

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