The Counterfactual Validity of Donation Matching

A foundation finds an organization doing good work with a funding gap of about $5M. They could just give the organization $5M, but instead they decide to try and help the organization find some small donors to spread its reach. The foundation offers to match donations up to $2.5M. This ...Read More

March Open Thread

Welcome to March's open thread on the Effective Altruism Forum. This is our place to discuss relevant topics that have not appeared in recent posts.

A call for ideas - EA Ventures

EA Ventures ( ) is compiling a list of ideas that they should consider funding. Add your own to this Google doc .

Results from a survey of people's views on donation matching

Since a lot of people lately have been discussing donation matching and the various issues about counterfactuals that surround it, I ran a survey a couple weeks ago to answer various of my questions about donation matching. You can read the full post here . I'm not going to cross-post ...Read More

Announcing Effective Altruism Ventures

Today we’re launching Effective Altruism Ventures , a project of CEA ’s Effective Altruism Outreach initiative. The goal of Effective Altruism Ventures is to test the theory that we can stimulate the creation of new high impact organizations by simply signaling that funding is available. GiveWell has argued in multiple ...Read More

$10k of Experimental EA Funding

Over the course of 2015, we will be distributing $10,000 to completed projects which we believe will have a significant long-term humanitarian impact. These awards are being made in exchange for certificates of impact. Here's how it works: you tell us about something good you did. We offer you some ...Read More

Hope: How Far Humanity Has Come

This was written for the wedding ceremony of Ruby Bloom and Miranda Dixon-Luinenburg, as part of a section dedicated to affirming their shared values. The aim was to convey a sense of just how much incredible progress humanity has made, how fortunate we all are, and to motivate a feeling ...Read More

Six Ways To Get Along With People Who Are Totally Wrong*

* The people you think are totally wrong may not actually be totally wrong. Effective altruism is a ‘broad tent’ As is obvious to anyone who has looked around here, effective altruism is based more on a shared interest in the question 'how can you do the most good' than ...Read More

Seth Baum AMA next Tuesday on the EA Forum

Just announcing for those interested that Seth Baum from the Global Catastrophic Risks Institute (GCRI) will be coming to the Effective Altruism Forum to answer a wide range of questions next week at 7pm on March 3. Seth is an interesting case - more of a 'mere mortal' than Bostrom ...Read More

Tips on talking about effective altruism

I noticed that, over the past few years, I have collected a number of tips and introspective thoughts on how best to talk about effective altruism. I have written this up and I posted the list of tips below. I hope this is helpful to someone. I have also posted ...Read More

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