Peter's 2015 Q1 Personal Review

In the past, I’ve been reviewing myself on a quarterly basis to track my progress against my goals. Here, I aim to inventory my goals and projects, explain how I’ve accomplished them (or fallen short) throughout 2015 Q1, and then elaborate plans, goals, and projects for 2015 Q2. This is ...Read More

Please support Giving What We Can this Spring

Donate now to get your donations matched! Giving What We Can is an international community of people donating at least 10% of their income to the organisations which can most effectively use it to help others. We believe that if people are to do this, it is important that they ...Read More

The effective altruists doing Experience Poverty

Yesterday was the day when most EAs getting sponsored to live on less than $2.50 a day (or $1.50, or £1, etc.) started their challenges. Here's everyone who's signed up so far, including a few US EA groups who did it earlier. (Some other EA groups are doing it later, ...Read More

Effective Altruism Handbook - Now Online

A lot of people want to do good but lack a clear idea of where to learn more about how to do it effectively. Thanks to the growing effective altruism movement, lots of essays have been written around the topic of charity effectiveness over the last five years. And many ...Read More

Global Priorities Project Interns - applications by May 10th

The Global Priorities Project is looking for an intern to support work in either a research or a policy capacity, depending on the skills of the successful candidate. The two roles being considered are: Cause prioritisation research intern The successful candidate will work alongside Owen Cotton-Barratt to develop an aspect ...Read More

Impact purchase: changes and round 2

The deadline for round two of the impact purchase is April 25. Apply here ! We’ve made a few changes: Timing We are now willing to purchase projects from any year. Joint projects Our guidelines on joint projects were vague and confusing. Here’s the new policy: You can sell anything ...Read More

Should You Visit an EA Hub?

This a post co-written by Brenton Mayer and Peter McIntyre. Peter Hurford’s recent post challenges us to find ways to engage new EAs. In this post we explore travelling to an EA hub as a means to achieve this goal, and consider whether we would advise others to undertake the ...Read More

America’s Provincialism Ratio

Disclaimer: I am new to the EA world (although not necessarily its methods), which means I have no idea which of my half-baked ideas are worth sharing (i.e., insightful) and which are not (i.e., well-trodden ground). So consider this a test-run. Nearly all of our actions (not just our giving ...Read More

The Importance of GWWC Cohort Data

Cross-posted on my blog There are a few pieces of information that are required to properly analyze the value of Giving What We Can ‘s membership. They’re necessary for GWWC’s managers to evaluate different strategies. If GWWC was an object-level charity, we wouldn’t donate to it without knowing these numbers. ...Read More

Spreading EA messages to friends - including giving the hard sell

I’ve long argued that word of mouth is a powerful way of spreading effective altruism and that there should be systematic efforts to encourage this. And, as detailed below, last year’s EA survey showed that a good number of people got involved through it. I’d be interested in people’s thoughts ...Read More

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