Why is effective altruism new and obvious?

Ben Kuhn , playing Devil's advocate: Effective altruists often express surprise that the idea of effective altruism only came about so recently. For instance, my student group recently hosted Elie Hassenfeld for a talk in which he made remarks to that effect, and I’ve heard other people working for EA ...Read More

We're looking for stories of EA career decisions

If you’ve made a career decision recently, or are still thinking about one, we’d like to feature your story on the 80,000 Hours blog. Here’s some examples: Peter , Jess , Alexei . If you’re interested, please email ben@80000hours.org. Why are we looking? We find these case studies really useful ...Read More

How to Meet Effective Altruists

(this post is co-authored by Tom Ash and Ryan Carey) Growing numbers of people identify with effective altruism worldwide, and there are now regular meetups from Adelaide to Vancouver. By meeting with local effective altruists, you can have a lot of fun and make long-lasting social connections! Meeting up gives ...Read More

Your Good Deeds 2014 Thread

Inspired by Lesswrong's Bragging Thread, this is a place to show off, to display with pride all the great things you've done for the world and for others. Here is a modified version of the bragging thread: Your job, should you choose to accept it, is to comment on this ...Read More

Career choice: Evaluate opportunities, not just fields

80,000 Hours has a lot of great research on promising career fields for effective altruists. But one thing I've discovered while doing my own career planning is that the difference between opportunities in a single field seems to matter just as much as the difference between fields. Opportunity-level analysis of ...Read More

Brainstorming thread: ideas for large EA funders

Alexander Gordon-Brown asked this question on the Facebook group: Not-so-hypothetical question*: If you acquired a large sum of money**, what would you do with it? In the name of epistemic modesty, I want to start getting opinions on this. There is a boring 'donate it to the best place' option, ...Read More

On Media and Effective Altruism

What is the kind of distortion you should expect if you are interviewed or go through media as a representative of EA? Here is my experience (It is cross-posted to my personal blog ) I’ve been interviewed since I was 10 in many media. So I may have something valuable ...Read More

Effective altruism as the most exciting cause in the world

I feel that one thing that effective altruists haven't sufficiently capitalized on in their marketing is just how amazingly exciting the whole thing is. There's Holden Karnofsky's post on excited altruism , but it doesn't really go into the details of why effective altruism is so exciting. So let me ...Read More

How to Make Your Article Have Consistent Formatting

Although the text editor of the Effective Altruism Forum works well for most users, sometimes it causes problems with text formatting. The main trick is to be careful of text that you have pasted in from another document. When you paste text, its original formatting is preserved and this text ...Read More

Lawyering to Give

If you really want to do good by law, consider becoming a corporate lawyer, making a lot of money, and donating a substantial sum to charity. Writing in the Harvard Law Record, Bill Barlow argues that a law student who goes into corporate law and gives 25% of their income ...Read More

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