We're hiring an AI Senior Policy Fellow

The Global Priorities Project is advertising a position for a Senior Policy Fellow to lead the creation of a report outlining policy options for AI safety. The deadline for applications is the 2nd of August. Please help us find great candidates by passing this on to anyone you think might ...Read More

July Open Thread

Here's a place to discuss projects, ideas, events and miscellanea relevant to the world of effective altruism that don't need a whole post of their own! Some news from the last month in effective altruism: Giving What We Can reached its target of 150,000 GBP in the fundraising drive that ...Read More

Stanford EA History and Lessons Learned

Written by Alex Richard. 1) Getting Official Approval We had significant trouble getting official approval; it wound up taking us over two years. Lessons learned: Be very, very careful about implying (or even hinting) that other groups are less than optimally effective. We may (or may not? memory is difficult) ...Read More

Random idea: crowdsourcing lobbyists

Hi all, A random idea I stumbled across recently: a kickstarter for lobbyists. One of the deepest structural problems in our political system is that narrow groups with strong interests often win out over the common good. Imagine a country of 1,000 people. A new policy is proposed that will ...Read More

Veg*n recidivism seems important, tractable, and neglected

Reducing animal suffering is one of the main focus areas of the Effective Altruism movement. Currently, the dominant approach to reducing animal suffering among EAs seems to be veg*n (vegetarian/vegan) advocacy. But there's a big problem with veg*n advocacy: most people who switch to veg*n diets later switch back. Animal ...Read More

Giving What We Can needs your support — only 5 days left to close our funding gap

Edit: Thanks to the generosity of our donors, the matching funding has now been used, and we've reached our target! With just a couple of days to go of our spring fundraiser , we are still £40,000 off our target . We really need your help to help us reach ...Read More

Revamping Existing Charities

I'm curious to know if anyone has put thought or time into improving/overhauling existing charities from an EA perspective. Has there been much thought or discussion put into the idea of making existing charities more effective? There are lots of organizations out there that contract for nonprofits to make their ...Read More

Opportunity to talk to Against Malaria Foundation founder Rob Mather

Rob Mather from the Against Malaria Foundation (one of Giving What We Can / GiveWell's top charities) has kindly offered to take some time to chat to supporters over Skype. The format will be a Skype conversation of around 1-2 hours, where participants will have the opportunity to ask Rob ...Read More

The career questions thread

Hi everyone, I'm Ben from 80,000 Hours. We do careers advice for effective altruists. If you have any questions about your career, please post them here and I'll do my best to answer them. In the meantime, you can check out our online career guide: 80000hours.org Ben PS Feel free ...Read More

Collective Action and Individual Impact, Part II

Cross posted at zachgroff.com In my last long post, I argued that if we can greatly help a promising collective action, we are obligated to do so. I did not argue that any particular protest has or will be effective, although I offered a few illustrative examples. I thank Carl ...Read More

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