EA Diversity: Unpacking Pandora's Box

Introduction I hate talking about diversity. I hate watching other people talk about diversity more*. My first reaction to the (most) recent thread in the EA Facebook group about diversity was 'oh God, not this again'**. So I have a lot of sympathy for the view, most commonly expressed by ...Read More

Figuring Good Out - January

For this month's Figuring Good Out on "origin stories", we received 5 submissions. I wrote about my transition from atheism to pop philosophy & science to LessWrong to EA. Michelle Hutchinson wrote about how her meeting with Will Macaskill in graduate school led to her joining Giving What We Can. ...Read More

EA is the best choice I've ever made

This is my contribution to the January edition of "Figuring Good Out", entitled "Origin Stories". ... Many people think of effective altruism as some sort of sacrifice -- you have to give up income and time in some sort of moral obligation to make the world a better place. I ...Read More

TLYCS Pamphleting Pilot Plan

I've been iterating back and forth with Jon Behar at TLYCS, and we've finally honed in on a plan for the pamphleting pilot. The document was rendered with TeX and won't cut and paste nicely (sorry about that), but you can view and download the PDF here . I would ...Read More

Effective Altruism and Consequentialism

I think it’d be interesting to discuss the relationship between effective altruism and consequentialism. These are my initial reflections on the topic, intended as a launching point for discussion rather than a comprehensive survey. (Despite the five years I spent studying philosophy - before deciding that this didn’t actually help ...Read More

Many winding roads: an EA origin story

Thank you Peter for suggesting this. This is my first post, and I've not blogged successfully. Feedback in the forms of evaluation/appreciation/coaching are all very welcome, either to tomjwstocker@gmail.com or on the comments section (e.g. am I doing too much / is it too long etc). I have wanted to ...Read More

On making spaces friendlier to parents

Julia and her husband run an effective altruism meetup series in Boston. They have a 10-month-old daughter. This post is adapted from Julia's blog . ..... I've been thinking about how a social scene becomes more or less friendly to parents and children, and why it might be in the ...Read More

Does It Make Sense to Make Multi-Year Donation Commitments to One Organization?

The following is my answer to a question posted in the January open thread: Do you think it is better to decide each year where to donate, or to give organizations multi-year commitments of what you expect to donate? Short Answer It's better to decide each year where to donate ...Read More

Donate to keep Charity Science running

Charity Science is looking for $35,000 to fund our 2015 operations. We fundraise for GiveWell-recommended charities, and over 2014 we moved over $150,000 to them that wouldn’t have been given otherwise: that’s $9 for every $1 we spent. We can’t do this work without your support, so please consider making ...Read More

Initial research into corporate fundraising

Charity Science is exploring all possible ways of fundraising for GiveWell-recommended charities that seem as though they might be promising. It’s valuable to conduct at least a quick exploration of these to see if they merit further investigation. As part of our commitment to transparency , we publish detailed notes ...Read More

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