$250 donation for best EA intro essay - deadline: March 10

A previous essay competition was successful in generating Scott Alexander’s now-classic article “ Efficient charity: do unto others… ” My hope is that another might result in the best general introduction to effective altruism. Right now at the Centre for Effective Altruism, we’re in the midst of a big redesign ...Read More

Am I an Effective Altruist for moral reasons?

After Nakul Krishna posted the best critique of Effective Altruism so far, I did what anyone would do. I tried to steelman his opinions into their best version, and read his sources. For the third time, I was being pointed to Bernard Williams, so I conceded, and read Bernard Williams's ...Read More

Talk about donations earlier and more

[My views are my own, not my employer's. Thanks to those who gave feedback. Ping me if you want your name publicly attached to my gratitude] EAs often post records of where they donated, sometimes with their reasoning attached. That's great, but it would be better if people posted before ...Read More

Requesting feedback to shape research into possible conditional cash transfer charity

Preliminary Charity Entrepreneurship research suggests the counterfactual impact of a conditional cash transfer charity may be larger than that of a number of other intervention areas we’re considering from GiveWell’s priority program list . At this preliminary stage some ideas we have heard of include cash transfers conditional upon: Up ...Read More

Giving What We Can's 6 monthly update

The following is an update on Giving What We Can's activities over the last 6 months. We do a full review and plan yearly in summer: this is our mid year update. It was initially sent to our advisory board - a brief summary of their comments is included at ...Read More

Accomplishments Open Thread - February 2016

Since the last Accomplishments Open Thread worked out well, we've decided to try out making it a monthly posting, and see how it works out. This thread is meant for all of you as a completely safe space, with no social norms of "don't be a braggart" applying - just ...Read More

The Effective Altruism Newsletter & Open Thread – February 2016

The Monthly EA Newsletter – February 2016 Edition Hey all, We hope 2016 has been treating you well so far. Last week’s announcement that the UK Government and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation pledged £3 billion to help end malaria deaths will hopefully be a sign of many more ...Read More

Effective Altruism London – a request for funding

INTRODUCTION (IE. THE EMOTIONAL ELEVATOR PITCH) There is a huge untapped potential to build a strong vibrant world-changing EA community in London. Recent EA events in London have been staggering: 79% of attendees at a talk said they would think more where they donated 15% of attendees at a career ...Read More

Some considerations for different ways to reduce x-risk

I believe the far future is a very important consideration in doing the most good, but I don’t focus on reducing extinction risks like unfriendly artificial intelligence . This post introduces and outlines some of the key considerations that went into that decision, and leaves discussion of the best answers ...Read More

The Valentine’s Day Gift That Saves Lives

Summary: By exchanging gifts for Valentine's Day of donating to effective charities, you can both improve your health and well-being, and also advance global flourishing. At least one person who read a draft version of this post, after talking to his girlfriend, decided to adopt this new Valentine's Day tradition, ...Read More

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